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My purpose for creating this site was to allow my family to track my activities ... since 'phoning home' was not an easy task in some of the places I have visited.  Along the way I also found that friends & visitors to this site were able to learn from my travels, both good & bad.

So, welcome to this site and I hope you somehow benefit from the visit; the newest is listed first. 

... based in Kenya
2019 - 202?


General Items:

2015 - Our Harare House   new'ish 

2014 - Rental Search in Harare


2015 - Obit for Blacky cat   new 

Travel Adventures:

2016 - Bvumba Mtns & Leopard Rock Resort   newest 

2016 - Cape Town, South Africa   soon 



... based in Zimbabwe
2014 - 2019

"Transfer Quiz" from Jul 2019  


General Items:

2015 - Our Harare House   new'ish 

2014 - Rental Search in Harare


2015 - Obit for Blacky cat   new 

Travel Adventures:

2016 - Bvumba Mtns & Leopard Rock Resort   newest 

2016 - Cape Town, South Africa   soon 



... based in Colombia
2011 - 2014

"Transfer Quiz" from Nov 2013


General Items:

2011 - Apt Search in Bogota  

2013 - Farm of our Apt's Owner  


Travel Adventures:

Yes, I have fallen way behind in making pages :(

Summer 2014:  Europe ... someday

Apr 2014:  Grenadines Cruise ... someday

Jan 2014:  Chile & Argentina ... someday

Jun 2013:  Caribbean Cruise ... someday

Jan 2013:  South Africa ... someday

Apr 2012: San Andres & Providencia  ... someday

Mar 2012:  Coffee Triangle of Colombia  ... someday

Dec 2011:  California  ... someday



... based in Israel
2007 - 2011


"Transfer Quiz" from March 2011


General Items:

2011 - Farewell Activities 

2011 - Moving Process      

Jerusalem ... someday

Dead Sea ... someday

2007 - Damage to our Container

2007 - Apt in Tel Aviv

2007 - Introduction to Israel

Travel Adventures:

Jan 2011:  Siem Reap, Cambodia / Vietnam 

Feb 2010:   Australia Trip    

Aug-Oct 2009: Home Trip to USA 

June 2009: Jay's Got a New Ride 

May 2009:  Trips to see The Pope ... someday

Apr 2009:  Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Mar 2009:  Malaysia / Singapore ... someday

Dec 2008:  Jay's Birthday Surprise

Oct 2008:   Cyprus Trip 

May 2008:  Jordan Trip ... someday

Mar 2008:  Istanbul Trip ... someday



... based in Venezuela
2004 - 2007

"Transfer Quiz" from July 2007


International Adventures:

Aug 2007 - Italy / Switzerland

May 2007 - Costa Rica

Nov 2006  - Panama 

Nov 2006  - Colombia

Apr 2006  - Brazil 

Nov 2005  - Barbados

Sep 2005  - A-B-C Islands

Jan 2005  - Argentina


General Items:

Our Venezuelan Location

Our Caracas Apartment

A Bridge Problem   Bridge Finale

Alternative Routes to the Airport

Adventures within Venezuela:

Jul 2007:  Casa Maria, near Valencia

May 2007: Rum Tour at Santa Teresa

Jan 2007:  Avila Hike

Sep 2006:  Los Caracas Beach Trip

Nov 2005Chirimena Beach Weekend

Jan 2005:  Paracotos Country Club

Dec 2004:  Christmas Party

Oct 2004:   BBQ in San Roman

Oct 2004:   Los Roques Island Weekend

Sep 2004:  Caracas University Walk

Sep 2004:  Los Caracas Beach Trip


Adventures in the United States:

Dec 2006:  Florida with the Guys

Jul  2006:  Alaska with Dad ... someday!

Dec 2005:  Florida with Nicole ... someday!



... based in South Africa
2001 - 2004

"Transfer Quiz" from July 2004


General Items:

African Map

South African Map

Science Project Results ... 
... which support the theory that 
whirlpools go counter-clockwise 
in the southern hemisphere.


Blacky on Guard; don't mess
with him when he is hungry!

Below: Nicole Toasting... also, don't mess with her when her wine glass is empty!


Twin Birth Announcement    :)

2004 Adventures:

Jul:  Cape Town Loft ... Sold!
Jun: Nottens Game Reserve (Kruger area) 
May: Lesotho Pony-Trekking
Apr:  Madagascar Island Trip
Mar:  Cape Argus Bike Tour

Jan:  Cape Town Loft Renovation Completed!

2003 Adventures:

Dec:  Lori Visits South Africa

Oct:  Ithala Reserve  &  Ithala/Swaziland Area  

Sep: DeWildt Cheetah Refuge 

Aug: Switzerland   Italy 

May: Seychelle Islands

Mar-Apr:  Pam & Wayne Visit South Africa

Feb:  Fun Around Cape Town         
Jan:  Jay's Mini Cooper

Jan:  Trip to Cape Town (we'll stay 3 months again)

2002 Adventures:  

Dec: Bazaruto, Mozambique

Nov: Diamond Mine Tour

Jun:  Trip to the States

May:  Cape Town Loft Before Renovation  another?

May: Kruger Area Trip & Balloon Ride

Apr:  Trip back to Pretoria

Mar:  Search for Property in Cape Town

Feb:  Kagga Kamma Trip

Jan:  Cape Town    Cape Area 

Jan:  Cape Town Apartment (we'll stay for 3 months)

Jan:  Trip to Cape Town

2001 Adventures:

Dec:  Jay's Birthday in Hazyview

Jun:  Trip to Zanzibar, Tanzania

Jun:  Nicole Moves into a house

May:  Kruger Park Area & Game Reserves

Apr:  Game Reserves Near Pretoria

Jan:  Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Jan:  Madikwe Game Reserve

Jan:  Introduction to Pretoria & South Africa

Background on how this all began: Nicole moved to South Africa in December, 2000 and I visited her a few times in 2001... the above are the adventures!