Jay & Nicole's Adventures - 
ia Falls, Zimbabwe - Jan 2001 
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As part of my first visit to South Africa to visit Nicole, we traveled to Victoria Falls.  The falls are at the top of Zimbabwe,  the country just to the north of South Africa. 
We had an enjoyable 2 hour flight and got settled into our hotel without problems.

We decided to see the Falls via the "bird" in the background.

Note: This was my first helicopter ride... wow, what an experience!

Vic Falls from the Left

Vic Falls From the Right 

Whole River View 

Right Down the Gorge 

Over the Top (no thanks!)  

Raft Trip: We went on a rafting trip down the 
Zambezi River, through 
the gorges below the falls.

We had Class 4 & 5 
rapids (very dangerous) 
and a Class 4 whirlpool; 
it was scary & exciting!  

Snake-like Gorges

Rapids That We Rafted 

Zambia View (borders Northern Zimbabwe)

Safari Hotel from the air (sorry about poor quality) 

View From Room 
(water hole in front yard) 

Zambezi River, just above Victoria Falls 

Zambezi Hippos ... somewhere underwater

Sunset on yet another successful adventure!

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