Jay & Nicole's Adventures - 
Hazyview, South Africa - Dec 2001
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 This picture page picks up on Jay's third visit to South Africa... 
... when he actually moves there after quitting his job.

For Jay's Birthday Nicole planned a surprise trip to a favorite area of theirs, Hazyview Resort. They stayed at a Hotel called Hippo Hollow, where in January they saw a hippo cross in front of them while having dinner (on other side of the river).

<--Hippo Hollow bungalow and view from balcony; no hippos on other side :(  

View up the river 

Jay and the wild cats

Nicole's R&R (very warm) 

Lush Landscape 

Tree farming 

Recently cut forest  

On Sunday 12/16, Nicole woke Jay up at 5am and they headed out into the dark for Jay's surprise birthday present.  They stopped at a gorge where there was bungee jumping and a slide; Jay's heart went up to his throat.... Nicole laughed as this
just a false lead.

"Slider" in upper-right 

Her gift was a balloon experience ... except the clouds never lifted so the trip was postponed :(

Duck along walkway 

Market Hut (African stuff)

Market place & street sign

Wow, look at the big snail! 

Time for escargot ? 

It touched my toungue!  

Jungle Plantings 

Various Flowers 

Bamboo Monkey  

We now have a favorite place to visit when we return to the Kruger Park area.

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