Jay & Nicole's Adventures
Trip to Kagga Kamma, South Africa - Feb. 2002 

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What is Kagga Kamma?  Well, it's a trip back to prehistoric times .... OK, maybe not that far back.  Anyway, the area dates back to the ancient Bushmen days where they lived in caves and painted on the walls..... 

Picturesque farmland scenery on 5 hour drive to up into South Africa

Road turned to dirt 

Sand dunes in valley

View from hill top 

Antelope hanging out 

Road turns scenic 

Interesting formations 

What is this ? 

Looks like ... a hotel? 

Rooms built into rock 

Our cave entrance 

Inside our "cave" 

Rock Paintings 

The trip was very interesting and it was cool to see the cave paintings.  The game drives were mainly oriented towards antelope, as that's about the only type of animal thing that can survive the arid area.  

On one night the stars were out, brighter than I've ever seen before.  The guide explained a few constellations and pointed out the Southern Cross and how to determine the south direction (it is tough).  Navigators in the northern hemisphere are lucky to have the North Star!

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