Jay & Nicole's Adventures
Cape Town Area, South Africa - Jan. to Mar. 2002 

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The area surrounding Cape Town has a lot of activities to offer.  Most of our weekends included a visit to one of the local beaches (all within 30 minutes):

City of Camp's Bay

Camp's Bay Beach

View of Clifton Beach, another popular spot 

"Table View" Beach 

"Fishy" beachcomber 

Preparing for sunset

Western Shore (Atlantic)

Mykonos Beach and Resort (also Western Coast) 

On most weekends we also visited some wineries.  The wine country begins about 30 minutes from Cape Town.  We have visited about 50 of the 300 wineries! 

Stellenbosh Area

Franschoek Area

Cape Dutch Arch.

The wine is fantastic ... 

.... the prices are low  .... 

... sure beats Napa Valley! 

Visiting "Cape Point" is also a must-do for any visitors.  It is a two hour drive down to the area, which is almost the southern-most point of Africa.  

A baboon welcomes us

Walk up to viewing area ...

... and out to the end? 

Cape Point at last!

Two oceans meet here 

An Atlantic Ocean beach

On the way back from Cape Point we passed a beach where penguins roost and then we visited an ostrich farm.

Trying to speak pengiun ...

.. but they all run away ..... 

... except for this cute guy. 

Daddy Ostrich

She has her eye on me! 

Friendly Eland

Indian Ocean beach; the water was pretty cold!  

Sand dune in a mountain
( it must get very windy! )

Sand dunes are taking
over some roads.

Castle Hotel (built 1996)

"Castle" Grounds 

"Castle" View

This concludes the tour of the Cape Town area; overall it's a great place to visit !

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