Jay & Nicole's Adventures
City of Cape Town, South Africa - Jan. to Mar. 2002 

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Cape Town is one of the southern-most cities in Africa.  It is nicknamed the "Mother City", as the first European settlers came here.  The city is situated on a bay, which provides for an excellent port.  There is a mountain behind the city, named "Table Mountain", for reasons that will become obvious to you.

A view of the Cape Town metropolis from "Lion's Head"  mountain; the city of Cape Town is contained in the "bowl" in the center of the picture.

This is a closer view of the Cape Town city center (harbor/waterfront to the left) 

Cape Town from a view on top of Table Mountain

The building which our loft is in (see other web page)

The old Cape Malay area (ex-slaves from Malaysia)

Nic's office in tallest bldg.

Nicole's office view ... 

... from 26 stories up ! 

Near the harbor is an area called Victoria & Alfred's Waterfront.  It contains a hotel, mall and is a major "port-of-call" for the big cruise ships.

The mall contains many shops, restaurants and ... 

... sea lions, like at S.F.'s Fisherman's Wharf area

At the waterfront you 
can book sunset cruises in small sailing vessels, 
as we did here.  

You can even book a cruise around Cape 
Point if you dare.

Cape Town is nestled at the base of Table Mtn.

Table Mountain (left) and Lion Mountain (right).

As seen at Night

Robben Island was a place where political prisoners were sent; Nelson Mandela was the most famous  prisoners.

  Life was rough & escape  impossible (like Alcatraz); Cape Town & 
San Francisco are 
quite similar!  

Nicole on Robben Island; just visiting though! 

Right next to Cape Town is Lion's Mountain; shaped like a crouching lion.  The most prominent part is called "Lion's Head", and the butt is called "Signal Hill".

Lion's Head Mountain offers an excellent 2-hour hike for those that like to go up, up & up.  The view is worth it, though! 

We hiked to the top (via chains & ropes) on a nice day and got some great photos of Table Mountain (left) and Camp's Bay beach area (right). 

The following are pictures of other activities we found to do during our stays: 

Outdoor concert at a botanical garden place called "Kirstenbosch" 

We also saw Keith Waters (Pink Floyd) and a few very famous jazz artists. 

Aqua-party guests 

The weather was perfect for Jay to play golf. 

The golf courses were beautiful & cheap ($10) 

Jay & "Fisheries Minister"

The annual Cape Argus 

35,000 race to this finish 

Leaders nearing the end 

This concludes the highlight tour of Cape Town ... a great place to visit or live!

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