Lori Visits South Africa - Pretoria Area - Nov 2003 
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Lori & Dave decided to
 visit Nicole & I before
 we get transferred in
the summer of 2004.

Their flights went from Green Bay, Wisconsin to Chicago, Illinois ... then 
to Frankfurt, Germany. 
 They had to then wait in the airport for about 10
 hours.  From there it was another 10 hour flight to Pretoria, South Africa.

They didn't look (or smell)
too bad after traveling
for 36 hours.

We quickly toured the Capital city of Pretoria to give them an idea of the city in which Nicole and I live.

The Capitol from afar.  

South Africa was "settled" only a couple of hundred years ago; like America. 

Lori is still wide awake! 

The downtown area is quite crowded and home to many, many people.

Lori & Dave with the 
more lush suburb areas
of Pretoria behind them. 

Nicole's work place (Swiss Embassy) & Jay's Mini. 

The suburbs contain
many gigantic houses.

Many neighborhoods 
are gated for security. 

Most work is manual,
as labor is very cheap. 

We visited the large 
Farm Inn Guest Lodge which was reported to have lions cubs.  

Unfortunately the cubs had outgrown their cage and were too far out in 
the fields for us to see. 

So we toured the garden... 

... and the restaurant facilities, which was great.  We also found many ... 

... skins & mountings of the wildlife we hoped to see during the next week.

We toured the local 
De Beers diamond mine. 

I warned Dave not to go... 

... as women act "funny" around big diamonds!  

The mine goes quite deep and extracts many tons 
of ore each hour.

The current equipment is very modern but the old stuff was fun to look at.

The mine's building have not been re-modelled.

The flowering bushes brightened up the area.

The locals also sold 
colorful arts & crafts.

We visited the local theme park & rode rides until 
the rain forced us to quit.

We then visited the 
casino, where Dave 
was the only winner.

Even though we saw ...

... many nice areas, ... 

... there were lots of poor. 

Unfortunately the upper ...

... and lower classes ... 

... differ substantially. 

After our tour of the Pretoria area, we finalized our plans to see the 
local game reserves and then to see the more distant areas.

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