Jay & Nicole's Adventures
European Trip (Italy) - Sept. 2003  

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We entered Italy and headed towards Genoa to visit our friend Claudia.
From there we explored the city of Genoa, made a day trip to Pisa and 
also traveled along the coastline

Italian lake from above

Italian lake at shoreline 

Hotel and beach set-up 

We made it to the coast 

To the large city of Genoa 

Some areas very art-deco 

Genoa is known for 
it's harbor area 

These structure are nice, but don't rival Sydney. 

We wouldn't mind spending some time on this ship. 

Jay in front of the entry 
to the old part of town.

Nicole and part of 
the old city wall.

Many of the old buildings were being renovated. 

The old buildings 
are quite ornate. 

An alley in the old area.

The modern streets 
are much wider.

New on top of old. 

Renovation keeps the old buildings looking very nice. 

The older architecture is very nice & hard to copy. 

This building has a new kind of decor on the front.  
It is painted to look as if it was built a long time ago. 

It is hard to tell it's fake.

A side view tell all. 

This close up doesn't look fake; but it is. 

So is the front of this nice looking building. 

This one isn't fake; but it's very costly to maintain. 

Interesting brick work. 

Nice Arches. 

Interesting hallway. 

Genoa had arches.... 

... and bridges .... 

... and strange art too! 

We used strange toilets, 

saw weird dump trucks, 

and saw cool diggers. 

Along the coast we found nice views of the coastal cities & nice beaches. 

Each hotel offers exclusive use of the beach; but you have to rent the chairs.

The seaside town of ... 

... Portofino was like ... 

... visiting a postcard. 

The inland valleys are .... 

.... agriculture based ... 

... with olives & grapes. 

Some hillside cities had castle fortresses that still were in use today. 

These buildings were built almost on top of one another to offer security and protection. 

This archway leads to a circular square :) 

The square has many restaurants and shops. 

Ornate churches and towers are abundant. 

In Pisa is the most popular of humans mistakes; the leaning tower.  

It also had an old church. 

From Italy we drove back to Switzerland, said goodbye to family, and headed 
back to Pretoria, South Africa.  The trip was enjoyable and we thank all the 
gracious hosts that put up with us on the trip.

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