Jay & Nicole's Adventures
European Trip (Switzerland) - Sept. 2003  

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This trip to Europe was actually a stop-over for me.  I was on my way from California back to South Africa.  I had spent the summer in the United States and was 
returning to South Africa to get ready to spend the summer there (I know, tough life).

Nicole was already in Switzerland, and my goal was to meet up with her for a week-long trip to Italy.  I flew into Frankfurt, but got to see only a little bit of 
Germany before heading to Geneva to visit my cousin Dean.  I spent a couple 
of days there and I then went on to Nicole's home town of Thun, via France.

Heidelberg is one of 
my favorite cities. 

It has an old castle, as 
well as a big University. 

The river-side homes 
are kept in great shape. 

More river homes and the beginning of one of the nicest bridges in Europe. 

View of the bridge & castle from the most picturesque spot; unfortunately the day was cloudy. 

A typical city street.

On to Geneva, where the weather was still damp. 

The harbor & waterfront was very colorful. 

This big Cathedral was one of many churches.  

Cousin Dean and Kvetka. Will they stay in Geneva or move to America??

They have a very large downtown apartment.

Great views from the corner window (open). 

Harbor Geyser 

Bird Lady

Sleek Swimming Swan 

The road from Geneva 
to Thun (near Bern) took me through France for 
a short period of time.

The town of Evian (the water source) was very nice (they just hosted the G-8 Conference.

Nice Roundabout 


I arrived at Thun, Nicole's beautiful home town. 

They have a nice buildings & bridges along the river ... 

... and are surrounded by snow capped mountains 

 Flower-pots on windows

Nice Architecture

Markets and Shops  

No town in Europe 
would be complete if  ... 

... it didn't have a 
medieval castle. 

This town is also on a great big lake .... 

... and has many swans, ducks, and geese. 

The black swans are
 a main attraction.

Aline, Nicole and Mom

Cousins Katrin & Patrick  

Aline wants to visit Africa! 

Mom's kitty named Speedy 

She is cute, but curious. 

The other, Daisy, is quiet. 

After a short visit with Nicole's family in Thun, we took 
off over the Swiss Alps and headed towards Italy. 

We started heading south towards Italy; still rainy. 

We boarded a car train to go over a large mountain. 

Mountain-side city 
and nicer weather.

The landscape was as depicted in the movies. 

Nice, big old houses 
with the country look. 

Nicole & Claudia as we go over a mountain pass.  

Picturesque Valley 

Mountain Range 

Glaciers than never melt 

Mountain pass, steep cliffs, and narrow passages. 

We entered Italy at this point and headed towards Genoa; Click here for the pics